Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fire In The Belly

Got this in my inbox the other day.

A Response from a Newbie:

I was reading your good pitch blog this morning and the below excerpt got me thinking.

Maybe it's because PR people are people, too. Maybe they don't "feel important" in a role that, on bad days, feels like a telemarketing gig? I wonder: do some PR pitch pros aspire to management roles as much to shield their egos from further damage, as for any other reason?

As I’d still be coined a newbie, I started questioning why I aspire to a management position. Is it to be finished with much of the tactical tasks that fill my role? In part. But what you asked was, is it to shield our egos from further damage?

It made me wonder if anyone can be truly successful in PR with an ego. You spend your days pitching a million different clients, stroking the egos of big-headed editors and writing in-depth, creative articles—with someone else’s name on it. To me, PR is certainly an industry where you need to check your ego at the door.

I think, as a newbie who wants nothing more than to rise through the ranks and one day sit on the other side of the desk, it’s not an ego question. It’s about taking what ever crap reporters give me, and using that to put a little fire in my belly. That’s why I think the true stars aspire for management. To be the best.

Sure, some people may want to achieve management status to shield their egos. But are these the people we want running our agencies?

Anyway, just thought I would share my thoughts because it really made me question why I want to rise through the ranks so badly. I wondered if the editors I speak to are taking a toll on my ego, and then I realized, all they do is make me what to prove them wrong that much more.

"Kids" like this give me hope for our industry's future.

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