Monday, February 20, 2006

Inaugural "Good Pitch"

To get the ball rolling, I'll present an example of a good pitch from our agency. It's from 2005.

Please note the format, because it's what I'll be looking for in your own submissions.

Ideally you'll name yourself and your team-mates, and/or your agency, give us a sense of the background and context of your pitch, followed by the pitch itself. Unless I hear a lot of requests for it, I will not include data on the success of the pitches (although this one fared well). This is the "Good Pitch Blog" not the "PR Results Blog."

Team/Agency: SHIFT Communications

Significance: After learning that Paris Hilton’s racy new ad for Carl’s Jr. crashed the fast food company's dedicated Web site due to traffic overload, SHIFT recommended a rapid-response pitch offering CLIENT'S CTO as an expert to discuss the importance of strategic planning to handle this kind of site traffic, and how network outsourcing is the key to avoiding such outages.

The pitch:

Subject: That’s Hot! Paris Hilton Brings Down Carl’s Jr.

Hi (Editor's name),

If you follow pop culture at all, you’re probably aware of Paris Hilton’s racy commercial for hamburger chain Carl’s Jr. The ad launched yesterday on a dedicated site — — and was immediately overwhelmed with users dying to get a glimpse of Paris in a bathing suit. Not surprisingly, the site crashed and was down for 4 hours.

Carl’s Jr. did everything right until the launch. Hot spokeswoman? Check. Media buzz? Check. Dedicated website with a sexy name? Check.

An effective plan for the site to handle an unprecedented amount of traffic? Nope.

It’s a common mistake, but one that is too costly to make twice. The CTO of CLIENT is available to discuss with you the strategic planning necessary to handle this volume of site traffic. He can also address how companies whose sites draw large numbers of visitors, whether constantly or seasonally, develop strategies to outsource network capacity to guarantee an “always-on” experience for users.

When might you be available to speak with CLIENT?

What's To Like About The Pitch: At the time, this pitch was very timely; the Paris Hilton/Carl's Jr. outage was in the news and reporters in the tech media were happy to be able to put a techie spin on a "hot" pop culture event. Also, the pitch was relatively short, the language was casual. A sense of humor was evident, too.


Blogger Michael said...

I do like that you included your media audience (tech media; I assume general circ/consumer audience?).

While not bragging, it would be good to name an outlet, or somehow the results. I've had some good pitches -- but the people on the receiving end apparently didn't think so for one reason or another.

Good pitches involve a good delivery -- as you showed -- and good results.

Just a thought. Good luck!

February 20, 2006  
Blogger Michael Morton said...

Excellent! This was a great example. Thank you for starting this blog. I like the Bad Pitch Blog but I believe I will like this one even more.

I do not know about anyone else, but I to be the best by following best examples.

Thanks Again!

Constituency Communication

February 21, 2006  

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