Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Kind Words

I have received more support than I expected, both privately and publicly, about this "Good Pitch" effort. Site traffic has been surprisingly robust, too. Thanks, all!

I have even received a smattering of good pitches - but to sustain the effort, we'll need MORE.

There must be a zillion pitches flooding the journosphere each day. If you wrote a good one today, folks, hey, just "bcc" me before you hit SEND. I promise not to "reply all!"

I hope you will also take a minute to scour your SENT folder for those great pitches that led to big ink. Although it's not a primary objective, I will happily point out specifics of how successful your pitch was in gaining media attention.

One more point: strangely, everyone who has submitted so far has requested anonymity. I did not realize PR pros were so shy! No worries, if you want to be anonymous that is cool with me.

Thanks again to all Good Pitch Blog supporters. Now, what're ya waiting for? Just send me ONE GOOD PITCH. Everlasting fame & glory await!

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