Thursday, February 23, 2006

"Paging Dr. Goodpitch"

Team/Agency: Withheld by request.

Significance: After scouring ProfNet queries, the agency team identified an opportunity for CLIENT with BIZPRESS OUTLET. They quickly crafted and sent a pitch that effectively positioned CLIENT as an innovator at the forefront of an industry trend. The reporter liked the pitch so much that he literally cut and pasted it word for word directly into his story!

The Pitch:

Hi (Editor),

I wanted to offer you a source in response to your ProfNet request.

CLIENT helps connect doctors' offices with health insurers. The Company sells its Web transaction platform to major healthcare insurers, who in turn require the physicians they work with to use the CLIENT's network to process claims and other basic transactions.

One of the best parts for the docs is that they get to use the system for FREE. That is a huge hot button in the industry now - many health plans are now "sponsoring" a technology, spurring physicians into the PC and Internet era, where they might not otherwise have gone by themselves.

I'd like to offer you an interview with CLIENT and/or one of the many doctor's offices they work with to speak about this network for your piece. One customer that comes to mind is XYZ.

XYZ (with 35,000 patients) uses CLIENT to connect with one of its health plans to execute processes such as billing, referrals, claim investigation, eligibility and benefits verification and recredentialing. Before CLIENT, the practice often didn’t have the time for claim investigation. Now, they investigate every claim, every time — resulting in an annual increase of $120,000 in revenue and collections for claim investigation alone.

I have several other case studies - would be happy to find one that best fits your article's needs.

Would you be interested in speaking with CLIENT and one of their customers? It sounds as if you're on a tight deadline, so do let me know how I can help. My contact info is below.

What's To Like About The Pitch: It's a tad long but this pitch hits all the high notes. First, the pitch artist lets the reporter know "I'm here to help" by mentioning the ProfNet inquiry, i.e., this is not a blind pitch on a random topic. Next, they mention an interesting trend (docs being pulled into the 21st century by automation-minded HMOs), and, best of all, offer up compelling statistics from a reference-ready customer.

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