Thursday, February 23, 2006

Safe Zone

One of the questions I recently received about this blog has been, "Why won't you allow comments?" I may allow it in the future, but, frankly, I'd like this to be a SAFE ZONE for agency pitch pros.

Who is going to want to submit their best work, knowing that some jerk might cut it to ribbons in the Comments section?

I actually have received some negative, but thoughtful and well-reasoned, feedback to some of the pitches already posted here. I respect those comments and welcome them, but I would also hate for the folks who submitted their work to waste cycles defending their approach to their peers, when they ought to be hitting the phones for their clients! Certainly, even if they succesfully defended their pitch, the time and angst involved would likely deter them from submitting ever again!

When I do receive challenges to these selections that are truly worth discussing publicly, I will figure out a way to post about the "lessons learned" from that feedback. That's what this blog is about, right? Learning from our peers.

CALL TO ACTION: If you've visited this blog, if you believe in its purpose, send me ONE good pitch. It doesn't have to be spectacular. Just pretty good!

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