Thursday, March 23, 2006

Evolution of TWO Lovely Pitches

Team/Agency: Not disclosed

Significance: Got a twofer for yaz. The PR team in question first went out with a generic holiday-themed pitch, but due to a diligent watch on industry news they were able to scramble out a brand-new pitch. All of the ideas are the same, but this approach shows the importance of keeping your ears to the ground. The 1st pitch was just fine but the 2nd pitch got the lion's share of the resulting ink.

Pitch #1:

Subject: The Way to a Woman’s Heart…is Through a Web Site?

Hi (Editor),

Flowers. Chocolates. Perfume. Jewelry. They’re the standard Valentine’s Day gifts from men to women every February 14—often purchased last-minute.

But this year is a little different—instead of rushing into a store on February 13, many guys will turn to the Web to do their last-minute shopping (and hopefully get a little more creative with their gift-giving). In fact, Valentine’s Day is rapidly becoming the second-largest retail holiday. V-Day 2006 is also seeing a surge in the purchase of search terms that will drive shoppers to retail Web sites and, hopefully, that perfect gift.

(CLIENT) is available to speak with you about the love in the air—and the traffic across the Web—this Valentine’s Day, and how retailers are able to control their own holiday business booms by having the right strategy in place to service customers, no matter how many last-minute orders come in.

Would you like to speak with (CLIENT)?

Pitch #2:

Subject: Covering Valentine’s Day Site Crashes?

Hi (Editor),

I’m writing to check in and see if you are covering the greeting-card site crashes that occurred yesterday due to Valentine’s Day traffic. and were both down several times yesterday due to traffic overload, according to the Washington Post.

This outage not only affected lovers trying to send greeting cards via the Web, it also affected would-be recipients. In fact, a woman I work with got a call from her mom last night, who thought she had been forgotten on Valentine’s Day. My colleague actually sent an e-card at 8:30 that morning—but it didn’t arrive until today.

(CLIENT) is available to comment on the havoc that poor planning has wreaked on these well-known sites, on one of the busiest e-card days of the year. (CLIENT) can also address how these sites could have strategized to handle this traffic, and what they can do differently to ensure success during the next big e-card rush.

Would you like to speak with (CLIENT)?

What's To Like About This Pitch: As noted above, the PR team was able to leverage current events to further their client's relevant perspectives. The lesson here is to never rest on your laurels. You can't blast out 50 pitches and cross your fingers. Instead, you ought to consider an approach in which you blast out 10 pitches, then check Google News and Technorati to see if anything's changed in the world that might make the next 10 pitches more timely and relevant.

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