Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Quick, Dirty - But COMPLETE

Agency: bite communications

Significance: Profnet is a terric service from PR NEWSWIRE that enables journalists to solicit input from the PR community. A significant chunk of coverage results each year through tracking down relevant Profnet opportunities.

The problem is, for every Profnet, there are 101 responses. How do you cut thru the clutter?


Subject: Young 20-something entrepreneurs

Dear (Editor),

I'm writing in regards to your ProfNet on young 20-something entrepreneurs.

I represent XXX, a Palo Alto-based start-up that has developed a free Internet service that allows people to share personal media (video, music, photos, etc.) using instant messaging, social networking and peer-to-peer services. The company was co-founded by YYY, a young, twenty-something entrepreneur and Stanford graduate.

I think YYY would make for a solid candidate for your column. He studied Human Computer Interaction and Psychology at Stanford, and certainly doesn't enjoy a 9-5 job (his typical work hours are more along the lines of 11am - 11pm). XXX has been venture funded by ZZZZ (I also work with them, so if you'd like additional perspective on XXX, I could arrange that as well).

What do you think? Can we set up a time to talk to YYY?

What's To Like About The Pitch: "I am responding to your (specific) Profnet" (the PR pro has remembered that the reporter may have more than one Profnet hangin' out there). Then, the pitch follows up with concise, interesting points re: the company and the quirks of a young, hard-driving founder. Best of all, the PR pro is able to offer up a COMPLETE story, via the offer to speak not only to the young turk, but to the VCs who took a gamble on him and now work with him to fulfill his dream. Did this pitch cut thru the clutter? Hell, yea.

(I only hope that this story turns out better than the Surfbuzz saga!)

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