Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Straight From The Horse's Mouth

Guy Kawasaki posted an interview he conducted with Adam Lashinsky of FORTUNE.

Guy sure gets around. Venture Capitalist. Entrepreneur. Marketing guru. Blogger. And now, Good Pitch evangelist! (Funnily enough, his blog description says something about how blogs are written by people with nothing to do for people who have nothing to do. Ironic, in his case.)

The Lashinsky interview contains a few gems for our purposes:
Q. How would you describe the perfect pitch?
A. The perfect pitch would involve a major corporation with a great, tension-filled story with the offer of an exclusive opportunity to interview all the relevant people at the corporation. Short of this, a pitch that would work would involve high-level access and a story line that is relevant to my readers, not just the PR firm’s client.

Q. What's the most common mistake that companies and their PR firms make when they pitch you?
A. The most common mistake is not having a knowledge of Fortune. You've got to know what I'm interested in and cold calling to ask me isn't the way to find out. You would think that these companies and PR firms would at least read my last few articles. Is that too much to ask?
Nope, not too much. Especially in a world of RSS, et al. Thou Shalt Read Before Thou Shalt Pitch.

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