Monday, April 10, 2006

In the Meantime

Yes, it's slow going, here at the Good Pitch Blog. The PR world is - as usual - too busy to toot its own horn. "Cobbler's children have no shoes," etc. And, that is fine with me.

This site was only ever intended as a resource for PR newbies to get some ideas, and to counteract some of the negative backwash that occasionally gurgles against the PR world. Whenever I have the time, inclination or (gasp!) a new Good Pitch submission, I will continue to post to this blog. (Meanwhile I hope you'll pay a visit to the site that takes up most of my brain juice.)

There are, of course, plenty of great spots to "git edjumicated" about how-to be a great PR person:
  • First off, I'd suggest a visit to our inspiration, the BadPitch Blog. When it started, I was afraid it was going to be wholly negative (and so I started up this site) ... but actually the BadPitch Blog evolved quickly to offer the best of ALL worlds: bad pitches and good pitches, and plenty of good advice all around, too. Bookmark it.
  • I'd also suggest frequent visits to WetFeet PR, Blake Barbera's site for discussing day-in-the-life episodes of a PR exec's agency life.
  • Lastly, a terrific new entry in the PR blogosphere is the Forward blog, from a group of all-star contributors, brought together by some of the smartest smarties at Auburn University.
  • (And if you have 1,370 hours to kill, click every link in the blogroll at PR Squared. Go on, I dare ya.)
As I toddle off into my semi-retirement, I want to thank the many supporters who sent along their pitches (the good and not-so-good) and their best wishes. I'll continue to throw things up here as appropriate, and I hope you'll stop by now and again.